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How Long Should You Leave Hydrocolloid Patch On?

Are you curious about how long to keep that pimple patch on for the best results? Let's talk about it!

Hydrocolloid patches are the go-to for pesky pimples, but it can be tough to know how long to leave them on. Do you take them off after a few hours, or leave them on overnight?

Well, here's the good news - there's no hard and fast rule. It really depends on your skin's reaction to it.

We find that leaving a hydrocolloid patch on overnight works wonders! It gives the patch enough time to absorb all the gunk and reduce inflammation.

The key is to listen to your skin. If the patch feels uncomfortable or irritated, it's probably time to take it off. And if the pimple is still there after the recommended time, you should apply another patch.

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